CV (last updated 5/14)

3207 Tawes Hall
English Department
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Associate Professor of English Literature, University of Maryland, College Park
Affiliate faculty, Program in LGBT Studies, University of Maryland




Ph.D., English, Rutgers University, May 2004
M.A., English, Rutgers University, May 2000
B.A. summa cum laude, English, Princeton University, 1997



2014 Fellowship, American Council of Learned Societies
2014 Graduate Mentor of the Year (university-wide award)
2012 Center for Teaching Excellence Learning Enhancement Mini-Grant, University of Maryland
2010-11 National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellowship
2009 General Research Board Summer Research Award, University of Maryland
2006 Donald Gray Prize (honorable mention), North American Victorian Studies Association,
for best essay published in the field of Victorian studies in 2005
2005 General Research Board Summer Research Award, University of Maryland
2003-2004 Bevier/University Dissertation Fellowship, Rutgers University
2000-2001 Qualls Dissertation Fellowship, Rutgers University
1997 Phi Beta Kappa, Princeton University



Book-length Publications

Nostalgia at Sea: Remembering British Poetry in the Colonies
(under contract with The Johns Hopkins University Press)

Electric Meters: Victorian Physiological Poetics
(Ohio University Press 2009)
[at Amazon] [at Ohio UP]

Reviewed at:
Review 19
British Society for Literature and Science
SEL 49.4 (Autumn 2009), 1012-13
Victorian Poetry 47.3 (Fall 2009), 534-35; 555
Victorian Studies 52.2 (Winter 2010), 322-24
Victorian Newsletter 117 (Spring 2010), 111-19
Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net (Fall 2009)
English Studies in Canada 36 (June/September 2010), 231-34.

Victorian Cosmopolitanisms (special issue)
Edited and introduced with Tanya Agathocleous, Hunter College
Victorian Literature and Culture (Fall 2010)

Spasmodic Poetry and Poetics (special issue)
Edited and introduced with Charles LaPorte, U of Washington
Victorian Poetry 42 (Winter 2004)


“Floating Worlds: Émigré Poetry and British Culture”
ELH 81 (Spring 2014), 325-50

“First Person Nautical: Poetry and Play at Sea”
Written with Hester Blum, J19 1 (Spring 2013), 189-94

On Literary Melbourne: Poetry in the Colony, ca. 1854
BRANCH: Britain, Representation, and Nineteenth-Century History; July 2012

“Manifest Prosody”
Victorian Poetry 49 (Summer 2011), 253-66
(Special issue: Victorian Prosody, ed. Meredith Martin and Yisrael Levin)

“Material Patmore”
Meter Matters: Verse Cultures of the Long Nineteenth-Century, ed. Jason David Hall
(Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2011), 135-53

“Hemans' Passion”
Studies in Romanticism 45 (Winter 2006), 543-62.

Rapturous Forms: Mathilde Blind's Darwinian Poetics
Victorian Literature and Culture 34, (Fall 2006), 443-59
(Special issue: Fin de Siècle Literary Culture and Women Poets, ed. Marion Thain and Ana Vadillo)

Rhythmic Intimacy, Spasmodic Epistemology
Victorian Poetry 42, Winter 2004 (Special issue: Spasmodic Poetry and Poetics ), 451-72

On Cultural Neoformalism, Spasmodic Poetry, and the Victorian Ballad
Victorian Poetry 41, Winter 2003 (Special issue: Whither Victorian Poetry? ed. Linda K. Hughes), 590-96


Review of Aesthetic Materialism: Electricity and American Romanticism, by Paul Gilmore
Review 19 (July 2010)

Review of Republican Politics and English Poetry, 1789-1874, by Stephanie Kuduk Weiner
Victorianism and Romanticism on the Net 52 (November 2008).

Review of Space and the ‘March of Mind': Literature and the Physical Sciences in Britain, 1815-1850, by Alice Jenkins.
Victorian Studies 50 (Autumn 2007), 334-36.

Review of Stateliest Measure: Tennyson and the Literature of Greece and Rome, by A. A. Markley.
Victorian Studies 47 (Spring 2005), 459-61



“No Place Like Home: Robert Burns in Colonial New Zealand”
Poetic Genre and Social Imagination, University of Chicago: May 2014

“Poetry and Indigeneity in the Colonies”
NAVSA/BAVS/AVSA conference, “The Global and the Local,” Venice, Italy: June 2013

Symposium on the Ballad
Poetics, History, Theory at the University of California, Irvine: May 2013

Roundtable on Formalism
Victorian Poetry, Forms and Fashions conference, West Virginia University: April 2013

“Dickens' Poetry, Poetry's Dickens”
Invited talk, with Tricia Lootens: Dickens Universe, UC Santa Cruz: August 2012

Conference wrap-up session for Victorian Clichés and Orthodoxies
Northeast Victorian Studies Association at Columbia University: April 2012

“Wordsworth's Adelaide, Adelaide's Wordsworth”
North American Victorian Studies Association conference, Vanderbilt University: November 2011

“Nostalgia at Sea: Remembering British Poetry in the Colonies”
Invited talk: University of Cape Town, South Africa: October 2011

“The Colonial Futures of Victorian Poetry”
Victorian Futures conference, Dickens Universe, UC Santa Cruz: July 2011

“Parallel Crossings, Nautical Drag”
DC Queer Studies Symposium, University of Maryland: April 2011

“The Exile's Lament: Poetry, Emigration, and the British Nineteenth Century”
Invited talk: P-19 Forum, Philadelphia: February 2011

“Colonial Laureates: Scaling the Empire, Cape Town to Melbourne”
North American Victorian Studies Association conference, Montreal: November 2010

“Poetry at Sea: Emigration, Nationalism, and the Forms of State”
Invited talk, Princeton University: October 2010

Roundtable Participant
Crossing the Bar: Transatlantic Poetics in the 19th Century conference
University of Pennsylvania: March 2010

“Tennyson at Sea, or the Emigrating Public”
Invited talk, Yale University: October 2009

“Victorian Poetry en route, London to Sydney”
North American Victorian Studies Association conference, Cambridge University, UK: July 2009

“Everyday Poetry, London to Sydney”
Northeast Victorian Studies Association conference, Wellesley College: April 2009

“Pedestrian Poetics”
Metre Matters conference, University of Exeter, UK: July 2008

“Material Patmore”
North American Victorian Studies Association, Victoria BC: October 2007

“The Electric Poetess”
Washington Area Romantics Group, Georgetown University: April 2007

“Shocking the Brownings”
Robert Browning Society, New York City: March 2007

“Lyric Shock and Awe”
North American Victorian Studies Association, Purdue University: September 2006

“Touching Barrett Browning”
Armstrong Browning Library, Baylor University: March 2006

“Tennyson's Electric Meters”
Invited talk: Nineteenth Century Cultural Series, George Washington University: February 2006
Invited talk: Warwick University, UK: January 2006

“Rhythmic Crossings: Transatlantic Spiritualism”
North American Victorian Studies Association, University of Virginia: September 2005

“Victorian Rhythmic Intimacies”
Invited talk: Victorian Seminar Series, City University of New York: October 2004

“Wilde Beating”
Seminar talk: fin de siècle group, Oxford University, UK: October 2004

“Electric Sensibilities”
Princeton Eighteenth-Century Studies conference, “Sensibilities, 1660-1832”
Princeton University: May 2004

Spasmodic Poetics: A 150-Year Retrospect
Panel co-organizer and co-chair
MLA Convention, San Diego: December 2003

“Lightning Flashes, Electric Dashes: Telegraphic Lyric Communities”
North American Victorian Studies Association, Indiana University, Bloomington: October 2003

“Lyric Binding: Felicia Hemans”
British Association for Romantic Studies, University of Warwick, UK: July 2003

“Passion and the Poetess”
Women's Writing in Britain 1660-1830, University of Southampton, UK: July 2003

“Electric Meters”
Northeast Victorian Studies Association, MIT: April, 2003.

“Sensibility and the Ballad: W. E. Aytoun in the 1850s”
Old Lamps, New-Lit: The Future of Victorian Poetry, University of Western Ontario: March 2003.

“‘Lyric Spasms', Ballad Meters, and the Formal Politics of Mathilde Blind”
MLA Convention, New York City: December 2002.

“Tennyson's Broken Lyric”
The 1830s, European Studies Research Institute, University of Salford, UK: September 2002.

“Lyric Spasms, Ballad Meters: Mathilde Blind's Evolutionary Poetics”
Women's Poetry and the Fin de Siècle, Institute of English Studies, London, UK: June 2002.



Areas of Interest

Nineteenth-century British literature and culture
Poetry and poetic theory
Australian Literature and Culture
Women's writing
Transatlantic poetry and poetics
Colonial literatures
Sex and Literature / Queer Theory

Courses Taught at Maryland


Victorian Cosmopolitanisms
Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Poetry and Poetics  
Victorian Sexual Poetics
Readings in British Victorian Literature


Australian Literature
New Zealand Literature and Culture
Queer London
Culture on the Move: The Literature of Emigration
Victorian Cosmopolitanisms
Women Writing Wartime
Aesthetes, Decadents, and the New Women
Victorian Sensation
Passion in the Victorian Age
British Victorian Literature
Romantic to Modern British Literature
Critical Methods in the Study of Literature
Love, Sex, and Poetry in the Long Nineteenth Century
Australian Literature and Culture